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About Reiki and Energy Healing

Energy Healing is the art of manipulating the energy in our bodies for a positive effect. Our bodies are made up of energy. As this energy moves through the body it may build up and get blocked or stagnant. Often these energetic buildups are unexpressed emotions. As these emotions get blocked they may result in pain, stress, anxiety, depression or chronic illness. Energy healing allows the body to relax at a very deep level and creates an atmosphere for the energy to release. It is a very gentle, non-invasive and safe process of allowing energy to move freely again enabling the body to get back into proper balance. Balanced energy leads to a healthy body and creates the atmosphere for a joyful and loving life.

Another area that can block our good health and happiness are recurring negative thoughts and behavior patterns. These patterns may stem from learned ways of reacting or coping in childhood. Our early influences from parents, teachers and caregivers may have contributed to negative patterns of thinking or behaving that although are no longer needed in our adult lives are so ingrained it is difficult to step out of them. They may now be causing much stress and unhappiness in our lives. These negative patterns may become detrimental to our health causing problems on both the emotional and physical level. Energy healing can release these patterns and allow for a new perspective and clarity to emerge. This new way of viewing life and the world can have a very dramatic positive effect on how we live our lives. No longer limited by our past conditioning we are free to develop new healthier patterns. With these new ways of thinking and behaving we are free to experience more joy, peace, contentment and most of all love. This allows us to live the life we have always dreamed about. Freedom becomes our new reality and our lives are now open to endless possibilities.

Healing vs. Curing

There is a significant difference between healing and curing.

Healing - is a deeper process of identifying the underlying cause of a condition. It often uncovers and addresses emotions, beliefs and patterns that may contribute to illness or pain in the body. Healing always comes from within. It addresses any imbalance and corrects from the inside at a very deep level.

Curing - treats illness or pain from the outside, often with medication, surgery or other procedures. Curing is often used to eliminate symptoms. It is treating conditions using external measures.