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5 Reasons I Love Reiki

I have been receiving Reiki for many years.  It has made such a big difference in my life, I look forward to my Reiki sessions and thought I would try to put into words why I love Reiki so much.  Here are my top 5 reasons I love to get Reiki.

I Feel Better - The number one reason why I love Reiki is because of how it makes me feel.  Reiki soothes me and helps me feel more connected and grounded within myself.  It helps me by increasing my awareness of what I am thinking and feeling.  I am more aware of illogical thinking or conditioned ways of reacting and when I am aware I can choose to do things differently this helps me move forward in life in a more purposeful way and I feel better about the way I am spending my time.  I find myself reacting less to the world around me which allows me greater peace of mind.  I decide how I want to feel and what I want to do instead of giving my power away to others.  For example if I want to feel more relaxed and at peace and someone cuts me off in traffic I can choose to not get upset about it.  I can decide that everyday hassles in life will not throw me off and make me react in ways that I will most likely regret.  This is the kind of awareness I get when I receive Reiki, it allows me to feel more in control of myself and my life and helps me remember to keep little things in perspective and focus on what's really important.


Relieves Anxiety - Reiki helps me get off the worry train in order to deepen my sense of peace and well being.  When my mind begins to go down the familiar track of worrying Reiki brings me back to reality.  As Byron Katie says "It is not the world that makes us suffer, it is our thoughts about the world that cause our suffering."  Reiki keeps my thoughts in check.  I am more aware of my recycled thoughts , the ones that have told the same story for the past 20, 30 or even 40 years.  These stories never seem to get old but also elicit the same emotions - Fear, anger and generalized anxiety.  the funny thing is the thoughts have never actually come true in my life but the threat is always looming.  Reiki helps me recognize this and and slows down the worry train until I can finally get off and take a break.  Even though I may get back on once in awhile at least I recognize that I am on the worry train and what I need to do to get off.  I am well aware that I am being taken for a wild ride by my own mind!!


Reduces Fatigue - When I am feeling unmotivated, lethargic or just plain lazy Reiki can help me out of this slump.  It can help replenish my energy and allow more ideas and creative solutions to problems come in.  Often I can get fatigued or even paralyzed by problems I can't seem to solve.  If I can stop and give myself Reiki or sit and journal I can often either find a solution I didn't see before or just let the problem be and walk away from it for now.  Either way it lifts me out of a stuck place and frees up my energy to get out and enjoy my life. 


Clarity - Reiki helps me have much more clarity in what I want in my life.  I am better able to make decisions about how to spend my time and work toward my goals.  Being clear about my goals and desires makes me know how I want to spend my time and what I really want to be doing on a daily basis to make me feel good.  Many times I would fall into the trap of doing what I thought others wanted me to do instead of what I wanted to do.  This always leads me to procrastinate and waste time, which leads me to not feel good about myself or my life.  Reiki helps me stop and get in touch with a deeper part of myself that is calm and centered.  It always knows what is best for me and helps me stay focused on my path.


Make Changes - Sometimes I need to make changes in my life and change is not easy for me.  It may be letting go of old habits that no longer serve me or releasing responsibilities that take up too much of my time but don't really serve my life purpose.  The need to make changes may come to me through gentle awareness like meditation or by knocking me over the head like an illness or injury.  Either way I know Reiki can help me know how to begin making the changes I need to make.  Change can be difficult, often times it requires moving in a completely new direction and getting out of my comfort zone.  This can be unsettling and scary.  Reiki helps me feel guided and reminds me there is something bigger and more intelligent at work.  I always have less control than I think and Reiki helps me know that everything is going to be okay, and i love that feeling.