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Reiki to Soothe Anxiety

One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is that it is deeply relaxing.  Many of my clients have described Reiki as feeling like being covered in a warm blanket and some have even said they can feel the anxiety draining out their limbs.  Reiki calms the nervous system and allows the body to relax and often times reset.  When anxiety gets triggered it is very difficult to get back into a state of centered peace.  Reiki can help you not only get back into a peaceful state but can ground you into a deeper place inside yourself where peace always is just waiting for you to connect to it.  Having a Reiki treatment is so gentle and very soothing.  To lay on a massage table fully clothed and have this warm energy move through your body has a very deeply calming feeling.  Reiki can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by allowing everyday life to feel lighter and less serious.  So many things that occupy our thoughts in the daytime are either things we anticipate MIGHT happen but haven't, or dwelling on past mistakes that are long gone and can't be changed.  This creates stress, tension, anxiety and sometimes even panic.  This gets the nervous system fired up and unless we take very deliberate steps to calm it down can get us worked up to the point where we may experience uncomfortable anxiety for days on end.  This is where Reiki can help.

Reiki can calm your thoughts and slow down your emotional reactions.  When we get going on the doomsday thought train we experience a flood of emotions that go with that.  This gets our insides churning - stomach flutters, indigestion, tightness in the chest, throat constriction and headaches are all possible causes of anxiety.  It is amazing that all these things can begin just by thinking a thought that scares us.  Most of the time thoughts are not even true for us in that moment.  Slowing these thoughts down to a point where we can question them to see if it is something we know to be an absolute fact in this moment is crucial for slowing down the triggers of anxiety.  We must get to a place where there is a space between our thoughts and our reactions to the thought.  In this space we can pause to see if 1. The thought is true and 2. If thinking this thought will be helpful.  Most anxiety thoughts are not helpful and distract us from living our whole lives.  Anxiety can interfere with your daily life like taking care of your children, going to work and enjoying happy relationships.  It can steal your joy, inner peace and the basic feeling that the world is a safe place. 

Reiki can be a very beautiful addition to your life.  It can help you shed fear, negativity and anxiety.  This leaves your life so much more open to enjoy love, peace and joy, all the bountiful creations and inspirations that make life the fun journey that it is.  

I encourage you to give Reiki a try.  See how this holistic non-invasive form of natural healing is helping people and changing the world one person at a time.