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What is Distant Reiki and How can it Help with Coronavirus

We are living in a time of uncomfortable uncertainty around the new Coronavirus.  Not only have we been confined to our homes but we feel helpless and scared.  Anxiety increases when we feel out of control and right now there is a lot hanging in the balance especially trust and safety.  It can be difficult to sort through all the information that is being thrown our way on the internet and social media, so it is difficult to know what to trust right now.  The safety precautions are put into place so that we are all at a minimal risk and we all need to do our part to follow these guidelines to try and Stop the Spread.  There are people that want to argue against this philosophy and others who have gone so far into the future with negative thinking they cannot focus on today.  So the truth as I see it is, we need to try to stay in the present moment as much as possible.  Just deal with today and what is happening today.  If we all just take this moment by moment, day by day we will get through this and find out we have more strength and resilience than we realized.  There is hope for the future and a promise of a brighter tomorrow.  This is where Reiki can help you now.

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words rei, and ki, meaning universal life force energy.  Reiki addresses physical and emotional imbalances in the body that can lead to anxiety, depression, or physical illness.  When the energies in our bodies get stuck or out of balance we don't feel our best.  It can block our creativity and our intuition, which leads to living a life that is not encompassing our full potential.  With close proximity to others not allowed or safe right now, distant Reiki is a great option to help you feel better quickly and easily.  It is a very powerful way to help yourself and those around you to stay grounded, positive and purposeful in these very trying times.  In our homes we need to try to remain calm and uplift those around us so that we can get through this in the absolute best way possible.  Children may feel scared and uncertain of what is actually going on, as caregivers we need to try our best to take care of ourselves so we can be patient, kind and resourceful for our children or any other people that rely on us for their care.  So now is the perfect time to learn more about distant Reiki and see if this healing energy feel like it could help you right now.

Distant Reiki is when Reiki is sent to a client that is not in the same room as the practitioner. Reiki can be sent to a client that is across town, across the country or on the other side of the world.  No distance is too large and the effectiveness of the session is just as powerful as if it were in person.  The energy the client receives in a distant healing provides them information to assist healing on all levels, physical, mental and emotional.  Distant healing helps soothe anxiety, stress, depression, physical pain, insomnia and many other illnesses.  

You do need to set up a specific time to receive the Reiki session.  A time will be scheduled and the client has a conversation prior to their appointment to let the practitioner know what they would like to get out of the session.  It is helpful for the client to set an intention so they can focus on one or two areas of concern.  The energy can be received by the client as they sit or lay down.  If it is not possible to be still at the specified time the Reiki will be received just as powerfully if you are going about your day taking care of your responsibilities.  That is one of the most wonderful aspects of distant healing.  After the session most clients report feeling very relaxed and refreshed.  There is a sense of deep peace and well being, with a feeling of relaxation and calm throughout the body.  A reduction in pain and stress is also common.  It is good to drink plenty of water and pay extra close attention to your intuition over the next several days and coming weeks as it will guide you to make any changes required in order to reach the goals of your intention.

Reiki is a very powerful energy that heals at a very deep level. To experience it is to give your body a wonderful gift of greater healing and balance.  It is so loving and nurturing you will feel a difference after just one session.  Reiki is growing in popularity as people are seeking out alternative therapies for their health.  Try Reiki - at the very least it will be very gentle and relaxing to your mind and body and at the very most it will change your life.