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What is Reiki

Reiki is a very powerful healing energy that began in Japan over 100 years ago.  It is practiced by millions of people around the world and is gaining popularity as people are seeking out alternative therapies for their health and well being.  Reiki is laying on of hands in order to balance subtle energies in the body.  An imbalance of energy may be the underlying cause of many illnesses on both the physical and emotional level.  As you receive this treatment Reiki activates the clients natural ability for the body to heal itself.  It is a wonderful complement to traditional medical treatments and often times helps reduce or eliminate side effects from medications or other medical treatments.

Not only does Reiki work at a very deep level but it is extremely relaxing.  Often times clients report being able to feel anxiety draining out their limbs, some have also described Reiki as feeling like being covered in a warm blanket and experiencing a deep sense of peace and relaxation.  There is sometimes a strong knowing that everything will be okay which is a wonderful gift for many clients.  After a treatment this deep peaceful sensation in the mind and body can last for hours or days leading to a reduction in pain and stress.  This is the most wonderful gift to many people who receive it because generally people leave in a much calmer state than they arrived.  

Reiki can also help release old patterns and beliefs that often fuel unwanted behaviors and keep people stuck.  Many times people are caught in cycles that they can't seem to escape.  For example the same type of relationship playing out over and over or the same problems at the work place even after switching departments or even companies.  These tend to be patterns in our thinking or beliefs that many times people are completely unaware of.  Reiki can help identify these patterns and release them so people can move more in the direction they are hoping and trying to go, feeling more happy and peaceful in the process.

Reiki can also help aid in healing medical conditions by treating the whole person not just the condition itself.  It can help depression, anxiety, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, cancer and the list goes on.  When you get in touch with the energy in your body that is the same intelligent energy that heals a cut on your finger, a broken bone in your arm or heals your body after surgery - you are in touch with the energy that can help you heal other conditions as well.  Reiki in combination with traditional medical therapies can help you feel better, stronger and may even be able to help you fight disease. Reiki is very difficult to explain or understand, it is easier to experience it.  Clients feel the difference in their bodies and their lives as positive changes of feeling better, more relaxed and living a more joy filled life.

Reiki is a very simple process where the client lays on a massage table fully clothes except for their shoes.  The practitioner lightly places their hands on different parts of the body to direct the flow of energy and release any energy blocks.  Many times clients are in a deeply relaxed state or fall asleep.  It is such a gentle process and the healing continues to work for several days to a week after the treatment.  I encourage anyone who wants to experience more peace and joy in their lives to experience a treatment and see for themselves how it can benefit them.