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Reiki and Addiction

Addiction is a very complex disease that affects over 20 million people in this country alone. Addiction touches people from all walks of life and is not limited to any one socioeconomic class, race, religion, or gender. Addicts do not look a certain way or live in a certain area. Addiction is everywhere and people are hurting as they hide in the darkness and secrets of addiction. Getting help is the most difficult and courageous decision an addict makes. Not only will it change their own life but will also have a dramatically positive impact on all the lives around them.

Addiction is so strong and powerful that to fight it is futile. That is why the first two steps in the 12 step programs are admitting you are powerless over your addiction and accepting that a power greater than yourself can restore you to balance. Addiction has many faces and can take the form of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, gambling, shopping and eating just to name a few. In order to recover from an addiction you must be willing to seek help. This is the most courageous and difficult decision an addict must face. Often addictions are rooted in blame and denial so the addict does not really think they have a problem. It may be very difficult for the addict themselves to see the problem and how it affects the people close to them. One way to know if there is a problem is by paying attention to how you feel. Addicts generally feel shame and don’t feel happy most of the time. They often have difficulty with relationships and may have been told by others that they may have a problem.

Reiki can be a very powerful path in releasing and healing addictions and can be used in conjunction with other treatment programs. Reiki heals at a very deep level and as the body relaxes its own innate healing has a very powerful and positive effect on all the cells, organs and tissues in the body. This powerful high vibrational energy balances both physical and emotional imbalances within the body.

Reiki can address the thoughts and feelings that got buried deeply into the subconscious and often fuels the compulsive behaviors of the addiction. These unexpressed emotions or erroneous beliefs become so powerful that the only way to keep them hidden is to cover them with the addictive behavior. This is a cycle that often just keeps perpetuating itself over and over with shame and guilt on one end and blame and denial on the other. This cycle is what is so destructive to both addicts and their loved ones. To live with an addiction is to live in an almost constant state of depression and anxiety, often spending tremendous amounts of energy hiding and denying the addiction from yourself and others.

Reiki is very gentle and releases unwanted behavior patterns and stored emotions, bringing a sense of greater peace and love to the recipient. The client often has a feeling of deep comfort as they release the blocked energy and feel safe in receiving powerful healing energy. It causes a shift to occur where they are able to come into a new perspective of life and more importantly change the way they see themselves. No longer attached to replaying the pain, anger and self-loathing, they are now able to see themselves more clearly for who they really are. They are able to go back to living the authentic and meaningful lives they have missed out on for so long. Experiencing joy, peace and love makes for a rich and satisfying life. When anything interferes with these feelings on a regular basis it is a call that something is not in balance. Seeking help can be the first step in identifying if there may be a problem. If you or someone you know struggles with addiction give Reiki a try. At the very least it will bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation and at the very best it may just change your life.

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